The primary thing for being a Muslim is to have faith in the Lord. He is the one and only who has created this world and all the things present in it. The Quran is a book revealed to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) by Allah Almighty. In this book, the whole code of life of every man has been mentioned. Providing the code of life means to guide the whole mankind about the best ways to spend the life. Whether it is about wearing the most suitable dress or eating the most beneficial thing, the Quran guides us all about the life. As in Quran are the words of our Almighty, you must believe that no one can tell you the better way to spend life than Him. This is because as the life is granted by Him, He knows the best paths to make it successful. You can read the Holy Quran on MP3 Quran ( http://www.truemuslims.net/).

The Holy Quran contains 114 Surahs. 86 of which are Makki which were revealed in Makkah and 28 are Madani. The whole Divine Book consists of 6666 verses. Al-Yasin is called the heart of The Quran however, al-Rahman is called the beauty of the Quran and Al-Hamd is called the mother of the Quran. The longest Surah is Al-Baqarah which consumes 2½ siparah and the shortest Surah in Al-Kothar which has 3 verses and 42 words. When Al-Kothar was revealed, the nonbelievers tried hard to compete with the shortest Surah but after getting the failure, again and again, they realised that they were not capable enough to cope with those words.

Surah Ikhlas is one the of most essential Surahs of the Holy Quran. It is said that a person who reads Al-Aikhlas 3 times, gets the reward of reciting the whole Quran. These aspects show that Allah has simplified it for the man to achieve paradise on the Day of Resurrection.

In the Quran, the word Quran has been used 70 times. Even though the Quran is revealed for the Prophet (PBUH) Allah has used the name of His beloved Prophet (PBUH)  four times in the Holy Quran, in other cases, He mentioned his Prophet as the Messenger, the Prophet or with other titles that were granted to Him (PBUH). The Prophets whose names are mentioned in the Quran are 25. However, the most used name of a Prophet By almighty Allah is Hazrat Musa’s.

There is an excellent reward for reciting the Holy Quran. According to the saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Allah likes the person more who reads out the Quran. There is a promise by Lord to give a person 10 rewards for reciting each letter of a Quran. Hence, by reciting the Quran, you can satisfy your life hereafter, and by comprehending it, you can fulfil your life of this world. So, you should download the MP3 Quran app to read the Quran or listen to it, at any time or anywhere. You can also comprehend the Quran and seek help from your Almighty by reading its translation in your own native language.